Day 1: Client Approach

  •  Phone call sale
  •  Tender document received

Day 2: First client meeting and/or site visit

  •  Observe service in action.
  •  Speak to customers.
  •  Take photographs to floor equipment plan etc. after the presentation is given by the Client.
  •  Questions and answers following the client brief

Day 3: Collecting Inputs

  •  Commercial Manager
  •  Operations team
  •  Personnel Department
  •  Kitchen and Outlet Designer
  •  QA-QC Officer
  •  Finance representative

Day 4: Completing proposal and delivery to client

  •  Review of current catering operations
  •  Client objectives
  •  Our vision
  •  Service profile
  •  Menu
  •  Prices and bills of quantity
  •  Staffing and management support
  •  Purchasing and merchandise program
  •  Training program and QA/QC plan
  •  References

Day 5: Presentation of proposal

  •  PowerPoint presentation led by the commercial manager
  •  The outline mobilization plan
  •  Management and operation support
  •  Personnel
  •  Quality assurance and quality control of Infusion catering System OperationPlan.


  •  Client decision and award confirmation to Infusion Catering.
  •  Proposed contract sent to client for signature.
  •   Meeting with all head of departments
  •  Re-visiting-site.
  •  Hand over date “new contract start”.

Day 1: Implementing of mobilization plan

  •  Staffing
  •  Training
  •   Food hygiene and health and safety
  •  Waste and energy management
  •   Food, cleaning and disposable orders
  •  Choosing suppliers
  •  Menu
  •  Equipment
  •  Information technology
  •   Account management
  •  Finance

Day 2: Client signing the contract

  •   Start advertising for recruitment where is necessary
  •  Appoint suppliers.
  •   Prepare light equipment, signage, merchandise and information

Day 3: Meeting with the existing staff

  •   Led by Operation Director
  •  Terms and conditions agreement
  •   Contract details in case of inquiries/questions

Day 4:

  •   Client to notify onsite contractors of caterer
  •  Finalize menu
  •   Place the food, disposables and cleaning orders
  •   Finalize training plan

Day 5: Re site visit

  •   Meeting with the end-user and existing catering agent
  •  Finalize arrangement for hand-over dates

Day 6: Hand –over date

  •   Meet with outgoing caterers.
  •  Distribution and assigning duties, rosters and job description of the new caterer employees

Day 14: Soft opening

  •   Trail run

Day 15: New start

  •   Run Operation.