The Primary services we provide, either separately as a turnkey package, are:

  •  Catering Services
  •  Facilities Management
  •  Camp Management
  •  Hotel and Club Management
  •  Catering Related Consultancy
  •  Offshore and Remote from immediate reach
  •  Kitchen Design and Equipment Supply
  •   Housekeeping and Janitorial Services
  •  Laundry Services
  •  Landscaping
  •  Maintenance

Infusion Catering has been at the cutting edge of the industry since its establishment. We provide outstanding standards, cost effective services to the Clients across a diverse range of industries

Our Business lines vary from providing services to up market Club owners, to Remote camp operators, where in most of them, a turnkey services is delivered covering quality catering, eye to detail housekeeping, hygienic janitorial, smart reception staffing, prompt maintenance services and reliable qualified labor supply.

Hotels & Restaurants

Infusion Catering Capabilities include the provision of services to Hotel & Restaurant operators in kitchen, bar, laundry, waste and Back of House management

Hospitals & Healthcare

Infusion Catering has sufficient resources to deliver Catering and related services to a range of healthcare and welfare clients including facilities managements to large hospitals

Staff Facilities & Cafeterias

Infusion Catering provides services of food service and amenities for employees including,

  •  Industrial Canteens
  •   Staff Bistro
  •   Boardroom Facilities

Educational & Training

Infusion Catering Management has a wide experience and a strong support team to cater for the demanding services of student and campus facilities.

Sports & Recreation Venues

Infusion Catering is a suitable to manage sports facilities and operating a wide range of public venues.

Central Production Kitchen & Flight Catering

Infusion Catering has the ability to apply foodservice production techniques and establish volumes production requirements, logistic planning, logical workflow and smooth delivery for a range of major public and private hospitals, commercial operators

Government Agencies & Defence

Infusion Catering tasks for Government and Defence departments and delivers world class catering and related services to different levels of department staff and high profile corporate Guests. venues.