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Hotels & Restaurants

Infusion Catering Capabilities include the provision of services to Hotel & Restaurant operators in kitchen..

Hospitals & Healthcare

Infusion Catering has sufficient resources to deliver Catering and related services to a range of healthcare.

Staff facilities & Cafeterias

Infusion Catering provides services of food service and amenities for employees including, .

Educational & Training

Infusion Catering Management has a wide experience and a strong support team to cater.

Sports & Recreation Venues

Infusion Catering is a suitable to manage sports facilities and operating a wide range of public venues...

Government Agencies & Defense

Infusion Catering tasks for Government and Defence departments and delivers world class catering.


INFUSION Catering is one of the leading Catering and related support Services formed with the objective of supplying the highest quality Catering & Support Services to discerning clients, at competitive prices. INFUSION has its Corporate Offices in Doha, Qatar with support offices in India and Dubai.

In just a short period, INFUSION Catering has become one of the Qatar leading independent Contract Catering Companies, serving daily over 3000 meals /day in the different Business, Industry and Education sectors, to whom we offer various Catering packages

Currently we provide over 3000 meals and related services to the high profile companies.

The Operation is set in a compound where over 120 multinational workforce, which includes offices and labors. A full balanced menu for both a la carte and buffet services is provided, with colorful and tasteful foods with multi ethnically.


Central Production Kitchen & Flight Catering !

Infusion Catering has the ability to apply foodservice production techniques and establish volumes production requirements, logistic planning, logical workflow and smooth delivery for a range of major public and private hospitals, commercial operators

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“Infusion Catering finds the solutions that others miss”


Infusion Catering serves clients on a wide array of issues, regardless of industry sector.

Local Knowledge

Extensive experience and capability in managing various projects locally, the technically qualified staff and detailed.

Technical Abilities

A resource of highly qualified professionals unsurpassed in its depth of experience and knowledge.

Team Approvals

Our approach to various projects focuses on working closely with the client and the staff using the facility to ensure the delivery effectiveness of proposed services.

Management Follow up

Regular scheduled and surprise visits of Infusion Catering management to sites and to the Client’s Management

Quality and Choices

Quality control is carefully monitored by high-standards,by our specialized People in the various Catering

Health & Safety

Our primary focus is to protect our Business partners(Clients and Suppliers),our staff and the environments.

Menu planning and Healthy eating

Based on our considerable experience of the variation in the requirements of different client’s nationalities and status